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Company profile

VysílačSECAR BOHEMIA, Inc. has been successfully operating since 1992. Under its own brand name of SHERLOG, it offers unique technology providing maximum security for vehicles, machinery, real estate, pipeline leak detection,monitoring of shipments, packages, persons as well as health and lifestyle. The company has extensive experience in developing high-tech software and hardware and providing related services.

SHERLOG Security uses a radio location security system based on its own unjammable radio network. GSM and GPS technology are used as a supplemental service to the radio network abroad. SHERLOG Pipelines System is used to detect the leakage of various media from pipelines, SHERLOG eVito health care system which monitors and evaluates personal health indicators, and SHERLOG Trace, which provides on-line monitoring and management of shipments, packages and persons, including logbook.

The success and reputation of the company is not only based on more than 20 years of tradition, but is backed up by the numbers. The company presently has over 150 employees and a strong multi-disciplinary team of experts from individual fields. In the Czech Republic alone, it protects more than 25,000 vehicles. Together with its partner Telefonica O2, it operates nearly 50,000 active monitoring units placed in various types of vehicles at various companies. Every major pipeline in the Czech Republic is monitored by the SSPII system we have developed. The length of pipeline monitored exceeds 1,000 km.

The company has also expanded its operations to many countries abroad, including Peru, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia.

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